Massage as Part of Sports Medicine Wilmington DE

by | Dec 9, 2011 | Health Care

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If you look for sports medicine, Wilmington DE practitioners, you will find that massage is an essential component of this treatment, no matter what type of sports injury you may have. More and more patients are looking for alternatives to drugs and prescription medication to help give them relief and healing form injuries and they find it in the area of sports medicine. Your injury does not necessarily need to have been caused by playing sports because there are many common injuries that have sports names attributed to them since they are common in athletes.

Conditions treated with massage in sports medicine Wilmington DE

Back pain, chronic pain and pain management are the three leading conditions from which you can gain relief with massage under the heading of sports medicine. Wilmington, DE, doctors will also explain how this treatment can help with stress and anxiety, which are difficult to treat as injuries per se. Quite often injuries that take a long time to heal using modern medicine heal in a short time when you use traditional medical treatments, such as healing massage. This is because the purpose of massage is to stimulate the blood vessels surrounding the injury and this helps to reduce the swelling, soreness and pain.

How massage works in sports medicine Wilmington DE

As part of sports medicine Wilmington DE massage therapists manipulate the area around the injury. The therapist will use the hands and elbows to do this in a manner similar to that of kneading dough for baking bread. There are four main stages to the treatment. The first one is associated with providing the patient with relief from pain. Then the therapist will concentrate on correcting the problems caused by the injury and then strengthening the muscles. Once the injury starts to heal and the muscles become strong, maintenance is the main point of having a regular massage.

Healing massage is growing in sports medicine, Wilmington DE

As part of its association with sports medicine, Wilmington DE massage therapists also provide massage before and after an athletic event. This is a preventative measure to ensure that sports injuries do not occur. Athlete groups and professional teams have massage therapists and sports doctors on staff to provide the members of the team with all the medical attention that they need. In this way a player who does become injured can receive a diagnosis much sooner and start to get the treatment needed to put him/her on the road to recovery.

Healing massage is growing in all types of medicine – not just sports medicine. Wilmington DE, doctors recognize that massage is very effective in treating many medical conditions, especially those involving muscles. It is an exceptional treatment to bring comfort and healing to patients who are in great pain and are having difficulty being able to move around. If you do have an injury or a medical condition from which you cannot find relief, check out what a massage therapist can do for you in the area of sports medicine, Wilmington DE.