Marijuana concentrates and rigs

There are lots of slang names for marijuana concentrate; hash, wax, butter, it all means the same thing. Many of the hash oils are nothing more than these concentrates dissolved in hydrocarbon solvents. This super concentrated form of weed can be applied to a red hot nail on the top of any oil rigs in Long Island once the nail is heated, thus vaporizing instantly for a powerful shot of medicine.

Hash, a very common name for marijuana concentrates and cannabis oil often contain the residues from the solvent that was used to extract the THC. This can be wicked stuff and can pose a risk to the user’s health. These oils are very concentrated and powerful. One of the first oils was “honey oil,” it was translucent and a very light amber color. When the oil was warmed properly, it went from a sticky, almost toffee texture to a substance with the consistency of honey.

The cannabis oils that are used in Rigs in Long Island are more often than not, dark in color. This color comes from the chlorophyll they contain, along with dust contaminates.

Hash oil, or marijuana concentrate has been around since the 1960s but it really never became part of the culture. It is extremely miserable to produce, an absolute nightmare to clean up and sticky to work with. As well as being a mess to prepare, the apparatus needed to consume it is certainly enough to set you apart from the casual user. You need a blow torch and other apparatus to make it work as intended.

When you either make your own concentrate, or purchase hash concentrate from a head shop, it can be used by either spreading it on rolling papers, or dabbed on the top of Rigs in Long Island. The rig itself is a small glass tower with a titanium nail sticking through at the top. The blow torch is used to heat the nail until it becomes red hot, once it reaches this kind of temperature, a small droplet of concentrated marijuana is applied and a glass dome is used to cover the glowing nail. This apparatus vaporizes the hash; this allows the consumer of the hit to get a clean shot of powerful medicine.

Marijuana concentrates that are delivered by a rig in Long island no doubt give a powerful hit but there is always some concern by some users that the solvents that are used in the extraction process may not be good for the user’s health. There are other ways of extracting the concentrate without having to revert to what can be dangerous solvents such as butane, white gas, alcohol both ethyl and isopropyl, and others.

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