Managing your household waste

by | May 22, 2013 | Business

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Domestic waste in Canterbury is a part of everyday living, putting the garbage out for collection is as routine as dusting the furniture; it’s a job that simply gets done. The problem is, with dusting it rarely gets any bigger, this is not the case with household waste.

Thanks to the consumer lifestyle we have created for ourselves, we find ourselves generating more and more domestic waste in Canterbury. The ever increasing range of product packaging is putting a serious strain on local authorities and to make matters even worse; many local councils are cutting back on waste collection in a bid to reduce expenses. When the period between collections gets extended, more trash than ever piles up.

The management of waste disposal in canterbury can ease or even eliminate the adverse affects of this ever increasing problem. There are a few simple ways that you can help yourself, the burden on the council and the environment.

Cut down on the amount of garbage you bring into the house: This sounds like a very simple task but accomplishing it can be more difficult than you think. A regular task like going to the grocery store generates large volumes of waste; plastic bags, packaging, wrapping materials and more are brought into the house.

* When you make purchases, look at the product and ask yourself if the packaging is recyclable.

* Purchase larger volumes of products if possible. Rather than buy many small bottles of detergent, buy one large on, it saves on trash and usually saves money as well.

* Cook at home rather than get takeaway food or food delivery.

* Reduce the amount of bottled water purchased. If the tap water being delivered to your home is of high quality, drink that instead, once again, eliminating trash and saving money.

Reduce the amount of trash you put out for collection: Once again, it sounds simple. By reducing the amount of garbage you put out it has a direct positive impact on the levels of domestic waste in Canterbury.

* Recycle whenever possible.

* Purchase more durable products that last longer.

* Repair rather than replace. If an appliance fails it is usually a minor problem that can be fixed.

* Donate items that you no longer want, someone else will be happy to have them.

* Compost garden and food waste.

Reuse everything that you possibly can : Reusing everyday items can have an effect on the amount of trash generated in the home.

* Reuse shopping bags

* Reuse plastic bottles and plastic containers

* Print on both sides of paper or use it for scratch paper

If you prefer, there are more and more private companies that are geared for the collection of House waste in Canterbury. Not only do they collect the waste more often, many of them run their own segregation and recycling facilities which removes some of the burden from the homemaker.