Managing Problems with Fire Ants in Fayetteville

by | Apr 1, 2014 | Pest Control

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Having ants in the house is an annoyance and the occurrence disgusts the residents. Ants come inside because they are after food and sometimes they need water, meaning they are often discovered in the kitchen. Nobody wants to see the common black or brown ants swarming around on the countertops and inside cupboards. Fire Ants in Fayetteville, AR bring an additional problem as well — they have a painful sting, and some individuals even have severe allergic reactions to this sting.

Prevention of Infestations

A pest control service such as Command Pest Control generally prefers to tackle any fire ant problems in spring or early summer before temperatures reach their peak. Setting up bait traps on the property outside the house is especially effective during spring because that’s when the queens can easily be caught and killed. The situation is similar to that of other stinging insect pests – wasps and hornets.

Eliminating Established Colonies

Pest control technicians also can destroy established colonies of Fire Ants in Fayetteville, AR. They pour an insecticide containing a specific poison into the nesting area during a time of day when the ants are all there. During most daytime hours, the fire ants are not in the nest, as they are out scavenging for food and doing other tasks important to the colony. The technicians may add insecticide to the general area around the nest’s location as well.

Dealing with Indoor Infestations

Homeowners should act quickly when they discover fire ants in the building. They may want to call a pest control service to eradicate the ants outdoors and to learn techniques for keeping them away from the house. The pest control technicians may be able to locate where the ants are getting in through a crack or crevice at the foundation that should be filled in. Residents of the house should make sure no food crumbs are lying around on counters or on the floor. They also should clean dishes and other dirty kitchenware promptly.

Combination Strategies

Homeowners who have experienced ongoing problems with fire ants may want to schedule regular service with a pest control company. A person can visit the website for further information about ant populations and pricing for prevention and extermination services.