Making Your Data Center Strong

by | Dec 16, 2013 | Electrical and Electricians

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When it comes to business, the data center is the hub. If it is not functioning or fails to work up to its potential, your business will suffer. You cannot afford to let this happen. While there are many issues that may plague the workings of this core part of your business, at the heart of preventing the occurrence of serious problems may be something as basic as the choice and application of your data center cables. In fact, improper cabling may not only cause minor glitches, but actually can shut your center down.

How to Prevent it

Planning is the best way to prevent your data center cables from malfunctioning or failing altogether. The process begins before you put anything into place. It starts with careful consideration of the following criteria:

1. Cable size – Ask yourself what diameter you need to reduce cable fill

2. Cable choice – What types of cables do you require – patch cables, patch panels, horizontal and backbone cables, vertical cables?

3. Cable Pathways – Do you need a special pathway designer? Will the process require overhead cable pathways?

4. Accessories – Do you know what types of cable accessories are suitable, versatile and/or safe and secure? Will you need Velcro cable supporters? What about cable ties? Is it best to label the cables?

Data Center Cables – Options

You will have several options from which to choose. The choices to make about data center cables include not only looking at specific types but also at what they are composed of. The actual exterior diameter is important if you want to decrease cable fill and manage them properly and efficiently. For example, copper cables, although bulkier, are most often used for both intra and inter rack communications. However, fiber optic cables are less thick. They, therefore, decrease cable fill while being capable of increased bandwidth.

Data Center Cables – Essential Components

When it comes to creating an efficient and effective data centre, cables of all types are essential. The average list is sure to include many of the following:

  • Patch Cables – these are connectors of ports and devices types include Cat6 patch cables
  • Patch Panels – they are for easy control of patch cables types include Category 5e patch panels
  • Horizontal and Backbone Cables – not very flexible and very inert

In addition, you may require horizontal and vertical cable managers.

Your data center is your business’s lifeline. If you want it to remain stolid and well managed, take time and plan in advance. Be sure never to neglect the selection, placement, maintenance and overall pathway of data center cables if you want to succeed. For more information, visit.

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