Looking For the Perfect Floor Scrubber in the UK

by | Mar 15, 2013 | Cleaning Services

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Choosing the right floor scrubber in the UK depends on a number of basic factors such as floor type and the area to be cleaned. No matter what you choose, the highest quality in cleaning is the topmost priority. However, there are a number of other factors to keep in mind such as whether you need walk behind or ride upon the floor scrubbers in the UK, a scrubber with multiple functions in one or removable attachments. One must also consider how much pressure is to be applied and the handling of different kinds of floorings, and noise reduction factors to make sure you consider each aspect as per your specific priorities before you buy any floor scrubber in the UK.

Floor Scrubber in the UK for Large Areas

Floor scrubbers in the UK can be a little expensive and are hence commonly used in commercial environments such as shopping malls, hospitals; warehouses, and office floors. Think first about how much cleaning you will be doing on a regular basis. If you need to clean a few thousand square feet of indoor surfaces, you can by a walk behind floor scrubber in the UK that has a rotating cleaning head. Also if you have tight corners and narrow spaces to clean, make sure you look for a suitable extension to negotiate such nooks. For larger areas such as subway stations or industrial warehouses etc, you need a ride on scrubber.

Floor Scrubber in the UK for Specific Floor Types

The flooring material makes a huge difference in the kind of floor scrubber in the UK that you choose. Hard floors like tile, marble or stone will need scrubbers with moderate suction and pressure and have a rather easy job to do. Conversely a little more porous outdoor flooring such as bricks, clay tiles or concrete would need a higher suction to pull out the dirt from the pores within the flooring. Delicate wood or laminate flooring will need a much milder and gentler cleaner that preserves their beauty and softness. Choose your floor scrubber in the UK based on these considerations.

Low Noise Floor Scrubber in the UK

Noise can be a very important aspect to consider when looking for floor scrubbers in the UK. Most tend to make a lot of noise and are okay for post workday cleaning in offices but for hospitals, round the clock offices and other public places, make sure you choose floor scrubber in the UK that has noise reduction mechanism.

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