Learning About The Top Cornea Doctor Grand Rapids

What is the cornea?

We all know that the cornea is an important part of the eye and helps us to be able to see, but what exactly is the cornea? In simple English, the cornea is located at the front of the eye and protects the rest of the inner eye.

What does the cornea do?

The curved, transparent surface of the cornea refracts light. This helps the eye to focus on whatever it is looking at, and it also provides most of the eye’s optical power. Without the cornea we would not be able to see so it is important to be able to maintain good cornea health as much as possible.

Common problems that plague the cornea

There are a few concerning issues that can cause problems with the cornea. If you have any of these problems, you will need to find a top cornea doctor in Grand Rapids to help deal with them.

* Keratitis is a condition where the cornea becomes inflamed.

* Fuchs’ dystrophy is when the cornea gets cloudy in the morning, causing your vision to be blurry. This disorder is annoying, rather than painful.

* Corneal dystrophy is very similar to Fuchs’ dystrophy. It is caused when cloudy material builds up in the cornea, causing parts of it to become permanently cloudy until medical treatment is administered.

* Corneal abrasions are a serious condition which usually arises after the surface of the eye is damaged. The top layer of the cornea is scraped, resulting in discomfort and vision loss.

When to Find a Top Cornea Doctor in Grand Rapids to Help Your Cornea.

Because the cornea is such a vital part of your eye, it is very important to make sure it is always in good condition. If your eye has been at all damaged and you find your vision has worsened you should see a doctor as soon as possible, as your cornea be injured.

Treatments for cornea problems

There are various treatment options, both surgical and non-surgical, which may be right for you if your cornea has been damaged. Here are just a few of them:

* Eye surgery to change the cornea’s shape, correcting any problems or defects and improving the overall functioning of the cornea.

* If the damage is irreparable, corneas have been transplanted from deceased donors with great success.

* If your cornea has a disorder and you feel surgery is not an option for you, then orthokeratology may be the way to go. Despite its long name, this method is actually relatively simple. It is the use of a special form of contact lenses to reshape and correct the cornea, which overall improves your vision.

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