Learn How To Introduce Your Atlanta Keynote Speaker

So you’ve found the perfect Atlanta keynote speaker for your event, and now you think you are done with that part of the planning process. Most people, once they’ve found the best speakers, move onto other areas that need their attention, but you’re not done. On the big night of the event, you or someone else will have to introduce the person and will want to do so efficiently and correctly.

Don’t Just Read

Everyone probably knows that you’re not a professional when it comes to speaking. However, it doesn’t do them justice when you just read material from a notecard or speak in monotones. It’s important that you focus on what they are there for and build up to their speech so that people understand why you chose them to be the Atlanta keynote speaker for the event.

What To Do

The first thing is to consider adding personal flair. Unless you are a robot, you shouldn’t give your introductory speech like one. You also shouldn’t walk up and just say the person’s name and start applauding. While your introduction doesn’t have to be lengthy (and shouldn’t be more than a minute or so), you should still bring in personality and personal experience. For example, mention that you read the person’s blog and enjoyed it so much you’ve been following it and wanted to hear them in person.

It’s also important to find out how to pronounce the keynote speaker’s name. You don’t want to get up there and say the wrong name or pronounce it incorrectly because it will make you look like you don’t pay attention or care.

The next thing to do is practice as much as possible and time the introduction. Most events are fairly strict with their timing, so you don’t want to go over or under too much.

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