Learn About Uncontested Divorce In Indianapolis

Uncontested divorce in Indianapolis means that the spouses agree for a divorce. Even if there are disputes, they are resolved outside the court and there is no need for court hearings.

Most of the divorces have the following issues:

* Dividing the debt and loans
* Custody of any kids involved
* Child support and spousal support
* Dividing the marital property and assets

For the children’s custody, you and your spouse have to be present during the hearing to finalize the amount of child support and to get the signed order by the judge.

Advantages of an uncontested divorce in Indianapolis

The biggest advantage of uncontested divorce is the cost. This is the least expensive way of getting divorced. The other advantage is that the level of conflict is low and the division of assets and property is by mutual agreement.

Uncontested divorces are private and any disclosures or negotiations that you make or do to each other are not public record. Only the final agreements that you reach are a matter of public records. If there are certain disputes that might arise, it can be resolved with further negotiation.

Uncontested divorce is not advisable when the parties are not communicating and there is a lot of conflict.

How does an uncontested divorce work in Indianapolis

You and your spouse will need to hire separate lawyers; the same lawyer can’t represent both of you. The cost of uncontested divorce can vary widely from $1200 to $100.

The typical process includes:

* Preparation and subsequent filing of divorce petition
* Service of process
* If applicable then a divorce waiting period
* File divorce settlement order
* Hearing to confirm and finalize the agreement
* Entry of divorce decree

For a divorce to be finalized, the judge must sign the order. There could be a delay between the submission of the settlement and the signed order.

Contested Vs Uncontested Divorce in Indianapolis

In a contested divorce, the parties are not able to agree upon either the divorce itself or the terms of the divorce whereas in an uncontested divorce the parties have full agreement on the terms of negotiation and no conflict.

If there are minor children involved in the uncontested divorce in Indianapolis, the case will get referred to an office of the court. Court will conduct interviews and recommend who will receive the custody of children, the type of custody that is in the best interest and the amount of the child support. If there is a conflict with any of the parties, you will need to consult with an attorney to represent your legal interest and the divorce will no longer be uncontested.

If you are asking for alimony then you will need to consult with an attorney. If the defender contests the property settlements that include alimony, the divorce is no longer categorized as uncontested divorce in Indianapolis.

An uncontested divorce Indianapolis is fast, convenient and cost effective way of getting a divorce. Consult with an attorney to understand the complete process. For more information go to Website Url

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