Know The Different Types Of Water Heaters Before You Buy Them

by | Apr 4, 2012 | Business And Finance

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The busiest hour of the day is in the morning, when the first thing that you have to do is shower up and get ready for the long day ahead. What happens when you rush to the bathroom for a quick shower, and find cold water greeting you to the shower area. Not a welcome sight at all! And the experience of having a cold water bath (thanks to a partly efficient heater) is definitely equal to a nightmare you would never want life to repeat. The experience starts with tepid warm water flowing out from the heater pipeline, which you expect to turn into a burning hot stream. You suddenly realize that the water heater has given way to the daily wear and tear experienced by it, when instead of hot water, cold water starts flowing out of the tap.

This might bring you to the point wherein you decide that the water heater in your house needs a serious replacement. There are different types of water heaters available in the market these days. According to experts, you should take two major points in consideration while making a purchase. The first important point is the fuel type used to heat the water, which in most cases, is gas or electricity. The second factor is the first hour rate, also termed as FHR, which refers to the amount of cold water that the heater can heat in the first hour of usage. Many experts also refer FHR as the number of gallons of hot water that can be produced in the first hour of usage.

In gas water heaters, the different models available are storage and tankless designs. In most cases, buyers wish to use the tankless models as the amount of time required in heating the contents of the heater is much lesser than that require din storage models. The use of such point of usage heaters is the best option in places where the tap is under heavy use.

When selecting storage type of models, there is only one way to ensure that the water heater you purchase is best suited for usage in your home. Remember, two fifty gallon heaters may have totally different FHR specifications. You need to select the model that has FHR specifications that meet your daily requirements. Thus, by keeping FHR specifications in mind while selecting water heaters, Groves Texas area residents and homeowners will be able to select the best suited appliance for their homes.



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