Kids Fundraising Ideas for Churches

Making kids feel like they are an important part of your church community can be a little tough at times. Many of them are so young and there is really not a lot for them to do. Many churches give kids their own fundraisers to prepare for to make them feel important and to let them know that they are helping out. Below are a few Fundraising Ideas for kids that will help them to raise money for the church community that they love.

Having a rubber duck race is a fun and profitable way to raise money for your church. The idea is for the little ones to sell rubber ducks with serial numbers on them. On a specified day everyone will bring their ducks to a nearby stream and let them go. Set up a finish line half way through and the duck that reaches the end first is the winner. Have the kids keep up with which duck belongs to who through the serial numbers and a lot of fun will be had by all. Don’t forget to award the owner of the winning duck a price.

Fundraising Ideas have been around since the beginning of time and children have been helping with them. One of the most traditional Fundraising Ideas around is to have a bake sale. How about doing things a little differently and instead of having a bake sale, have a baking competition. Have the members of your church bake up their favorite treats and make the panel of judges be kids. Once all of the entrants have paid a fee to enter the baking competition, the kids will go around tasting all of the treats and declare one the winner. The winner wins a price, of course.

Once the holidays are over everyone isn’t as eager to take the decorations down, as they were to put them up. Hire out the kids from the church to take down yard decorations and ask for a donation to the church as a nominal fee. The kids will feel needed, the decorations will get taken down, and the church will raise money. Click Here here to get more information.

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