Keep your Memory Sharp with Brain Teaser Games

As technological advances keep bringing more sophistication to your life, you have to figure out how to keep up with it. Your brain must remain alert at all times since you will be required to work with modern gadgets and equipment. One of the ways through which you can remain alert is by playing brain teaser games. These help stimulate your brain and tighten your mental abilities. They also keep you focused and alert while you derive fun and relaxation. If you find that you have played certain games several times over, you can try new ones or work on improving your speed.

Below are some brain teaser games for your attention:

Crosswords and puzzles: Crosswords challenge your word knowledge. They normally consist of some clues for words that you are supposed to form. The words run across or downwards depending on how the puzzle is set. They intersect at some point. You are supposed to ensure that the letters of the word you form can be used to form another word going in a different direction. By solving one clue, it leads to the solution of the other until the entire crossword is filled up. In case you are not sure about certain words, you can look them up in the dictionary. Crosswords are worthy brain teaser games that can refresh your mind any time. You will find them mostly in newspapers.

Sudoku: This falls in the category of brain teaser games that do not call for calculations or mathematical expertise. You are only supposed to use logic in order to identify a number sequence. Once you find the sequence, you can then proceed to place numbers in the provided grid. The rules require that a specific order is followed. In most cases you will make use of numbers ranging from 1-9. As you place these numbers in the provided boxes, none should be repeated say in a cluster of nine boxes. The excitement comes from the challenge as you strive to fill all boxes. You can also play Sudoku online or from your phone. To start you off, some numbers placed in boxes at random are provided.

Scrabble: This is one of the commonly played board games. The enjoyment derived from this game stems from the different words that players can compete at completing. Every time you play, you have the chance to learn new words as well as their meanings. Your word bank memory improves as well as your mastery of English. As you think about the next word to form from your letter pallet, your brain logic skills are sharpened. Scrabble exercises the muscles in your brain. There are no restrictions as to your skill level. You can dive into the game and learn from scratch.

By engaging in brain teaser games, you are participating in a wholesome and healthy activity. You become a systematic thinker and a problem solver. For more details, go to

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