Job opportunity: Know what it takes to get paid to shop and evaluate products

mystery secret shopperAre you currently jobless? Have you always dreamt of a job where you are paid to go shopping and rate shops? Mystery shopping is a market tool used by shop owners to test service quality and customer satisfaction. A mystery shopper, known also as secret shopper and customer experience agent, can be anyone who enjoys shopping and has a knack for reviewing the customer experience during the shop encounter. Shopper tasks are varied and can range from critiquing on available services and store layouts to actual purchases. Shoppers may rate big banks, known retail outlets, fancy restaurants, and even first-class airlines.

Qualities Needed
Mystery shoppers are rewarded for strong work ethics and adaptability to different working schedules. The best quality that a secret shopper should possess is being meticulous. Being meticulous and observant will ensure that every detail of the shop encounter is recorded in the mind before writing it on paper and that reports will not be redundant and dull. A good agent should know what points to evaluate, while not appearing too obvious. Agents should also carry flair for acting as different scenarios may be needed for a good shop evaluation. Depending on the scenario, agents may appear ordinary or demanding. A shopper may lodge complaints or appear unruly to know how shops handle such situations.

Work Demands
Aside from the shopping fun, mystery shoppers are responsible for quality reports that will be submitted to company bosses. The report must be made with all the positive and negative assessments and other important information that the company bosses need to know. So during the limited time of contact, it pays to be really observant. In a typical assignment, shoppers are given a deadline of about 48 hours.

Secret shopping thrives on the idea that shops should not render their service knowing that they will be rated. So to be able to produce quality unbiased reports, shoppers should always be anonymous, never taking notes while doing the task on hand.

Typical Report Points
Shops are always unique and shopper scenarios may be complex but it is usual to describe the following points. Take note of the store from afar and describe the shop traffic. Assess the efficacy of store layouts and the customer flow inside a shop all throughout the encounter. Observe for long lines and overall customer atmosphere. Upon entering, the number of employees should be recorded, including how long it takes for you to be greeted and how you are greeted by one. Take note of the name of employees, how well their attires are kept, how well-groomed they are and how good are their work ethics. With regards to specific scenarios, take note of the service they provide and how long it takes. For instance, you may be requested to be vegan or lactose-intolerant in a restaurant, or appear to be a clueless first-time store customer.

How to be a Mystery Shopper?
Many companies operating in and out of the internet manage mystery shoppers. The benefits are large and you may be able to keep the purchase or travel to your chosen destination. So, it pays to be a mystery or secret shopper in a reputable company. Always do background checks and quality verification (just as if you were a mystery shopper yourself).

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