Is it Time to Replace Your Doors?

by | Sep 5, 2013 | Business

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Like anything else inside your home, your windows and doors can wear out over time. In the case of exterior doors, not only do you and your family use them on a daily basis, but these doors also have to directly withstand hot summers, cold winters, and inclement weather. Some homeowners are concerned about the potential cost of replacement doors in Boise, and often let things go too far. Unfortunately, this can be financially wasteful and even dangerous. Here are some thoughts to help you consider whether the time is right to swap those doors out for new and beautiful replacement doors. Some pointers may be more obvious than others, while others you may have not considered at all.

First, there are the glaring problems that can occur with any door. Old age, a rotting frame, damage, and other variables can all cause a door to not be able to lock securely, or open or close easily. This is obviously a big issue for a variety of reasons, many of them life-threatening. If there are rotten or broken parts of your door, the longer you wait, the more time and money it may cost you to fix. A sticky door can potentially trap you inside if you need to exit the house quickly. In addition, not being able to properly lock the door can invite criminal activity more easily. It can be scary to think about, but it’s a fact—burglaries or home invasions can occur more easily if your door will not lock properly. If your door will not lock, or requires great effort to open or close, the time to purchase and install your replacement doors in Boise is right now.

There are other variables you may not have realized could relate directly to needing replacement doors in Boise. Have you noticed your energy bills getting abnormally larger as time goes on? New, energy-efficient replacement doors in Boise can not only make you more comfortable, but it may give your utility bill budget some extra breathing room too. How about sun bleaching issues near your old doors? You may not have known there could be a correlation between sun bleach damage and old doors, but if you have a door that is warped or has gaps between it and its frame, all of that unfiltered sunlight is pouring in, causing direct sun damage to your flooring or furniture.