Is It Possible To Find Both An Inspirational And Motivational Speaker In One?

Most companies already understand the necessity of hiring professional speakers for events or during significant change within the corporation. However, you hear a lot about motivational and inspirational speakers and may wonder if it’s possible to find one speaker that is both or if you should hire two different speakers.


The difference between the two is extremely subtle and may not even matter to the event or audience. Many times, they can be interchangeable and will possess the same qualities. A motivational speaker usually helps the leaders, individuals and organizations become excited about what they’re doing and become more proficient at doing it.

They motivate others to do more, do better or perform adequately where they’re at currently and will help them renew their passions. They work well when customer service begins to slack, and attitudes become cynical.

Inspirational speakers use motivating tactics, but take it to the next level. They are usually the dreamers and visionaries and provide the testimonials that people need to hear when they get in a rut. Not only do they have stories that inspire others, but they have lived those lives and used to be exactly where the employees are now.

What To Do Now

If your employees need motivation and inspiration, it is best to look for an inspirational motivational speaker because they can generate excitement and passion, but have also lived through similar problems. They’ll relate to your employees better and more realistically and can pump them up to succeed. They may also be able to help the workers outside their jobs and into their traditional lives, which can help them achieve more confidence. The more confident your employees are when they’re at home or in social scenes, the more confident and productive they’ll be at work.

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