Increase Laughter to Increase Sales

by | Jul 21, 2014 | Internet Marketing

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Doug Dvorak CSPThe process of building motivation and morale in the workplace can be a long and tedious one. Companies choose various approaches to help accomplish this, yet not all of them are as successful at accomplishing the tasks of increased morale of the employees. Many strategies and methods have proven to be effective for some but not for all which in turn leaves a gap in the motivational levels of some employees. This is an especially critical situation for companies that rely on sales production for the growth and continued success of their business. If there is a lack of morale and motivation, chances are the production is reflecting similar losses as well. Companies in the Chicago area are enlisting the services of Humorous Speakers to join the ranks as a motivational tool.

Laughter for the Sale

There is a greater benefit to offering a platform that introduces Humorous Speakers to your team. Many businesses report record increases in their sales as the employees seem to experience a boost in their motivation and their drive to perform better in the workplace also increases. It’s often said that laughter is good for the soul and in certain instances, it’s good for the sale as well. This is a strategy that encourages sales teams, managers and other employees to cheer up and laugh a little. The hidden tool that helps to deliver such successful results is that many of the speakers are instilling lessons such as workplace value, efforts and motivation for the sale in their speeches. Chicago employees leave feeling a renewed sense of motivation and almost capable of accomplishing any workplace task.

A Mental Moment

It’s relatively hard to imagine that Humorous Speakers can paint a mental image but they can. The humour they deliver in their speeches forces many of those listening to use their imagination. This requires them to think of the visuals as they relate to the story and they come to mind whenever thoughts of the funny stories come to mind. These mental moments are a precise part of the strategy that is implemented by the speaker. Companies in Chicago have found that employees respond better to resources that are more innovative and contemporary in nature. The sales meeting and team building exercises alone aren’t delivering the positive results that are needed to have a successful business. Laughter is contagious and it sprouts in the form of personal growth which has the ability to deliver business growth as well.

Humorous  speakers Chicago are innovative tools used to increase workplace morale and performance. Doug Dvorak CSP, acknowledges the fact that laughter promotes growth in job performance.