Important Zoll AED Plus Pads Information

The Zoll AED Plus Pads are great accessories for your defibrillator. When you want to have quality products working for you in a life or death situation, these pads should be included in your equipment box. Here are several reasons why you should depend on the Zoll AED Plus Pads for those emergency situations.

Pre-Connect Feature

This is an important feature included with these Zoll products. When you need to use a defibrillator on someone, a couple seconds can make all the difference in the world. With the pre-connect feature on the Zoll AED Plus Pads, it’s quick and easy to attach them to the machine so you aren’t fumbling around and trying get it ready to use.

Accurate Diagrams

When you purchase the Zoll AED Plus machine, it comes with anatomically correct diagrams which help you know exactly where to place the pads for optimal effectiveness. This can help in a pinch but it also gives the person using the machine peace of mind in knowing that they are placing the pads exactly where are supposed to be based on the condition that they patient has.

Energy Feed

With some defibrillator pads, the edges aren’t as energized as the center of the pads. This can cause the pads to reduce the energy in parts of the surface area. But with the Zoll AED Plus Pads, the energy is equally distributed throughout the surface area for optimal performance and effect.

In addition to the pads, the Zoll Plus Package has several other features that will help save lives when those seconds are vitally important. For one thing, the package includes a full 7-year warranty so if anything goes wrong during the coverage period, the company will replace it or fix the problem with no questions asked. Also included is a demonstration CD that shows you how to set up the device and use it correctly so you will feel confident if you ever need to use it to save the life of a loved one or a patient.


These are great devices to have around in a variety of situations. Whether you are a school administrator, business owner, emergency responder or if someone lives in your home who could benefit from a defibrillator, this is something that could help avoid a tragedy. Hopefully, you’d never have to use one but in the rare cases when you would need it, you could save a life.

Zoll AED plus pads Defibrillator are connected to each other to ensure proper placement on the chest of the victim. For Zoll AED plus pads get in touch with AED Today.

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