If You Need a Ticket Lawyer in Hillsboro, MO Don’t Wait Too Long

by | Nov 9, 2015 | Law Services

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Just about every driver has had traffic tickets. The state makes it easy just to pay the fine. Fighting the ticket seems difficult. However, the real cost comes from letting the points be charged to the driver’s license, according to a ticket lawyer in Hillsboro, MO.

The Points System in Missouri

Every traffic violation will add points, with the number depending on the reason for the ticket. A defective taillight won’t generate as many points as driving 20 miles over the limit.

The magic number of points that must not be reached is 8 points in 18 months. This will result in a suspended license.

  *     The first suspension is for 30 days.

  *     The second suspension is for 60 days.

  *     All further suspensions are for 90 days.

Missouri Will Revoke a Driver’s License

Missouri will revoke a driver’s license for one year if:

  *     12 points are accrued in 12 months;

  *     18 points are accrued in 18 months;

  *     24 points are accrued in 24 months.

Auto Insurance Premiums Will Rise

That’s not a myth. Traffic tickets and auto insurance premiums are inextricably linked. One ticket might not cause a dramatic increase in the premium, but any additional tickets definitely will have an effect.

When a driver gets more than a single ticket, companies have different policies. One company might only add a surcharge, which could be removed after a year of ticket less driving. Another company might raise the rates for three years. Some companies will refuse to renew the policy, forcing the driver to resort to buying insurance from companies that insure drivers with poor driving records and charge much more for less coverage.

The insurance company will charge more depending on the severity of the infraction.

  *     A low-impact ticket could be defective equipment, such as driving with a broken headlight.

  *     A medium-impact ticket would raise rates, but not dramatically. A speeding ticket for driving 10 miles over the limit would fall in this category.
  *     Any DUI conviction or speeding many miles over the limit will cause insurance rates to skyrocket.

If you need a ticket lawyer in Hillsboro, MO because you can’t afford to lose your license and pay a lot more for insurance, contact the Wegmann Law Firm. These experienced attorneys know how to fight traffic tickets, whether or not they were generated by a camera. Contact them today, don’t wait too long.