Hudson Sharp Machine Parts Keep Your Bag Machine Running Well

When it comes to bag making machines, there are few names that command as much respect as Hudson Sharp. This century-old company has spent their entire span of existence making wicketers and bag making machines that can provide bag products to almost any specification. In addition to the machines themselves, the company still makes Hudson Sharp machine parts, as well, including upgrades to make their machines even more efficient.

About Hudson Sharp
Hudson Sharp has been creating plastic bags and other packaging solutions for over a hundred years and they are credited with the creation of the first servo-driven wicketer machines. The company is based in Green Bay, Wisconsin and it has facilities in six countries, with sales that span the globe. The products built by Hudson Sharp are of the highest quality and their customer service is world-renowned. The company was acquired by Thiele Technologies in 2009, and as such they are now part of the Barry-Wehmiller family of companies.

Hudson Sharp Products
Hudson Sharp currently manufactures wicketers, pouch machines and flat belt bag machines. These machines can be used to create a wide variety of products, including bread bags, hygiene bags, deli bags, security pouches, trash bags, bags-on-a-roll, merchandise bags, stand-up pouches, zippered bags, 3-side sealed pouches and pour & lock reclosable packaging. In addition to these packaging solutions Hudson Sharp can also custom design machinery to make whatever types of packaging you need.

Finding Parts for Hudson Sharp
As well made as Hudson Sharp machines are, they still occasionally need to have parts replaced. Fortunately, Hudson Sharp machine parts are still being created by the company and are still available from select distributors. One strategy that can be quite effective to reduce downtime is to actually buy hard-to-find parts in advance and keep them on hand for when they are needed.

In addition to replacing broken parts, it is often wise to replace worn parts as a preventative before a breakdown occurs. Not only are there replacement parts to deal with and prevent breakdowns, but there are also upgrades and retrofits available to speed up production and add more precision to the process.

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