How to Win Child Support Against an Unreasonable Ex-Spouse

Most divorces come with their fair share of child custody issues, and several resolutions through a child support lawyer need to be made to address each situation individually and understandably. But when it comes to dealing with an unreasonable ex-spouse, the child support and custody battle can amplify into something almost unbearable. Without the help of an experienced divorce and child support lawyer, handling these kinds of issues can become impossible.

There are several methods you can employ to win child support against an unreasonable ex-spouse. By using a variety of psychological and behavioral patterns, you can pretend to give in to your ex-spouse’s needs while winning over your case for child support.

Flexibility Is Key

When couples on the verge of divorce are in an argument, it becomes all about winning that argument. One parent may attempt to inflict pain or inconvenience on the other simply out of spite. It’s key to remember to be flexible and adapt to the possibility that the ex-spouse may continuously hurt you. As long as you are keeping your child’s best interests in mind, you can stay calm and collected enough to give the courts clear evidence that you should be the one receiving child support.

Get a Witness

Having a witness to your ex-spouse’s actions can hurt their cause later down the line. Be sure to utilize a third-party person whenever possible. If this person witnesses the unhealthy or unstable interactions between you and your ex, they can speak in support of your side during the court process.

Communicate Impersonally

Sometimes, the only way you can communicate with your ex-spouse is through a non-physical form of speaking, such as through email or text message. This may be the best way to have a reasonable and adult-like conversation between the two of you. Plus, it can help to keep your head in the game when trying to win over child support.

Schedule a Phone Consultation with Our Evanston Child Support Lawyer

Our phone consultations can give you a detailed overview of the steps you’ll need to take when preparing to fight for your child support rights. Remember that our Family Law Advocate group at M. Scott Gordon & Associates always puts family first, and understands the need for clear and effective communication when dealing with an unreasonable ex-spouse. Contact our Evanston child support lawyer to talk about the details of dealing with a rough family situation. Through time and resources, you can and will be able to get over this hurdle and live safely with your kids while leading a productive life.

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