How to Recognize a Good Taxi Driver Amongst Others?

Many people believe that if you have to travel a long distance, then it would always be better if you have a good travel mate. This is definitely not possible if you are traveling alone in a taxi. In such situations the driver becomes your travel partner. Amongst so many cab drivers out there, it is next to impossible to understand which all are good as compared to others. Most of the US people residing in some of the larger cities like West Hollywood and Glendale, are often seen taking their time to choose the right cab with a proper driver. However, if you are in a hurry, then it may not be possible for you to pick and choose one.

US residents from some of the cities including West Hollywood and Burbank, who often travel to various places by cabs, have mentioned a few points which would help you understand whether the driver of the taxi you are about to board, is good or to be avoided. Some of the points are as follows:

* The way he talks: Most of the experts have said that the way a person talks, is a good indicator of his behavior. This can be understood the very moment you ask him to take you to your destination. If he just gives you a nod, then you may understand that he doesn’t like to talk much. On the other hand, if he responds with a smile then you may understand that the trip would be a pleasant one.

* The way he drives: There are many taxi drivers who pay no heed to traffic rules and drive along rashly. This can obviously be understood after you have seen his driving style for quite some time. If you still have quite a distance to travel and you think that he would continue to drive this way, even after you have warned him more than once, then better get off and look for some other taxi. A good and polite driver would drive keeping the safety of everyone in his mind.

There are many other factors which would help you understand how good the driver is of your taxi. West Hollywood and Los Angeles are some of those larger cities in the US where you would find a number of people traveling by cabs. Just make sure that you hire a cab from a well known taxi provider.

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