How to Minimize the Need For AC Repair in Denham Springs

Having proper indoor air quality is necessary to rid circulating air of unwanted contaminants such as fungi, prions, and viruses. These infectious agents can wreak havoc on the health of a person with a compromised immune system. An air conditioning system acts as a filtration system in addition to changing the properties of air to make air breathable and pleasant. In particular, the humidity and temperature of air in a home can affect the comfort level of everyone. This major appliance is complex and requires proper upkeep and AC repair in Denham Springs. You can perform these tasks yourself or check into a company such as AccuTemp Services, LLC. that handles both commercial and residential AC services.

The major components of an air conditioner are the:

* condenser

* evaporator

* expansion valve

* compressor

* thermostat

In a process called phase conversion, indoor air is chilled by using refrigerants to vaporize and then liquefy repeatedly in a closed system of coils. The chemicals in the refrigerant chills the air. The vapor produced by this evaporation process is cooled so it can change back into a liquid. This process requires all of the elements of an AC working together at optimal levels.

One of the best ways to minimize the need for AC repair in Denham Springs is to provide your AC system with proper maintenance. This starts with cleaning the condenser and evaporator. The condenser unit is usually located on a flat surface in the exterior of a home, and the evaporator is located above the furnace in the plenum.

To correctly care for the evaporator, you will need a mirror, bleach, stiff brush, wire, and screwdriver. Access the evaporator by unwrapping any insulation around it. You may have to remove any screws from an access plate. Carefully use the brush to clean the evaporator. Poor the bleach into the tray under the evaporator to prevent growth of fungi. When finished, put the evaporator, insulation, and screws back into place.

Cleaning a condenser requires removing weeds, grass, and vines, that can grow into the unit and prevent air flow. Use the proper tools to clean this part of the AC system so you can have the indoor air quality you need.

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