How to know when your bathroom needs re-modeling

by | Mar 15, 2013 | Business

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Before beginning a Bathroom Remodel in St. George there are a few steps one needs to take in order to prepare for such a project. Evaluating the current situation, making a reasonable budget and researching local contractors are all essential steps to the remodeling process.

Evaluate your current bathroom

Look at your bathroom and make a list of all the essential items that need to be replaced or rearranged. If a person with disabilities is going to be utilizing the space the design should accommodate their needs accordingly. There are hand railings, walk in tubs, toilet supports and seating designs all geared towards people with special needs. These are relatively easy to install, it’s just a matter of incorporating the materials into your budget. In the event that the space needs to be expanded to provide more square feet in the bathroom, think about where this space is going to come from. This can consist of rearranging the current bathroom to make it more functional, which usually requires redirection of the plumbing. For a more extreme approach space may need to be borrowed from the adjacent closet or bedroom. This requires knocking down walls and the budget must be adjusted accordingly as this can be costly. If there are items in the bathroom that are not functioning, replacement of these should be a top priority.


It is recommended that the cost of the renovation be researched before ever starting the project. A bathroom remodel in St. George can cost anywhere from 1000 dollars to 10,000 dollars depending on the items that need to be purchased, and if the space is being expanded. A basic toilet may be 80 dollars while a new fancy energy efficient model can cost a thousand. A basic single vanity can be installed for around 300 dollars when a double vanity made of granite can cost 2,000. Do you want a tub/shower combo, or do you prefer a tub with separate shower? It’s important to consider these things before starting the project, that way you don’t feel overwhelmed, and know exactly how much you can spend on items before the start of the project.

Researching a contractor

It is important to verify that the contractor you hire is licensed and certified in his field. You don’t want someone who is posing as a contractor working on your home. Also verify insurance coverage. In the unlikely event that property damage should occur during bathroom renovations, you want to make sure the contractor can cover the cost. It is also recommended that you hire someone locally based, as they will be more knowledgeable of local suppliers, making it more cost efficient and speedier for you in the long run. Go to their website and read the testimonials. This will give you some indication of how the company values their clients’ time and budget.

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