How to Know if the Time is Right for Toilet Repair or if Replacement and Installation is Needed.

by | May 2, 2014 | Plumbing

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Toilets don’t tend to get a lot of attention until they begin to malfunction. Before that, the main consideration is finding one when needed, and giving it a thorough cleaning from time to time. When something does go wrong, the homeowner has to choose between two options. One is to hire a professional to take care of the toilet repair. The other is to consider options for replacement and installation. When Is Repair a Good Idea?

Before attempting to make any type of decision, it pays to have a professional check the toilet. Once the initial inspection is completed, the owner will know exactly what is wrong. In addition, the plumber will provide an estimate of what it will take to make the necessary repairs. If the toilet happens to be quite old and the cost of repairs is not much less than buying a new one, then there is no point in investing more money in something that will have to be replaced soon. A better approach is to go ahead and get an estimate for a replacement and installation.

Choosing a New Toilet

Assuming that the cost of repairing the old toilet is prohibitive, the homeowner can see this as the opportunity to get a new one with some extra features. Perhaps something with a heated seat would be nice. Maybe the bathroom is large enough to accommodate a toilet that is a little larger and more comfortable. There’s even the option of considering one of the newer tank-less designs rather than sticking with the more traditional tank and bowl style. When something goes wrong with the toilet, there’s no need to panic or assume the worst. Instead, take a deep breath and call the experts at Apex Plumbing. A technician will be on the way to check out the toilet and see what is wrong. Once the homeowner knows how much the repairs will cost and how long those repairs will allow the toilet to keep functioning, it will be much easier to decide if the investment is worth it, or if something new and maybe a little different is in order.