How to Jazz Up Your Front Door

If you would like to add a little curb appeal to your home one of the easiest ways to do that is to jazz up your front door. You can do a number of easy DIY projects that will be very affordable but have maximum impact on the look of your home.

Painting your front door will make a world of difference to its appearance. You can add impact with a bright red door, elegance with a black or gray door or a touch of cheer with yellow. You can also go for a more blended look by taking color cues from the color of the brick, wood or siding on your home. When in doubt a lick of fresh white paint can neaten things up but avoid white if the trim on your windows or flashing are not white as this will make the rest of the house look old and drab.

Stainless Steel Kick Plates
Once you paint your door, adding a kick plate can really add a finished look. Stainless steel kick plates look great and if you have a more traditional home brass adds a hint of elegance and classic detail. They also have a practical use to protect your door from scuff marks.

Door Knocker and Handle
An elegant detail, door knockers look great and should match the same metal used on your kick plates. Keep the color of your door in mind if you don’t go for a kick plate and decide if you want a more modern look with stainless steel or nickel finishes or a more traditional look with cast iron or brass. You can also replace your door handle if a door knocker is not to your taste.

New Door Lite
If your door has a window in it there is a good chance it is a standard size. Known as door lites, replacements are available at most home renovation stores and come in many designs. There are also special orders available if you want something with a little more style or require a special size.

If you have a letter slot it is the perfect final touch. Replace it in the same metal as your door knocker, handle or kick plate and you have a whole new look.

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