How To Hire A Workers Compensation Lawyer In Orange County NY

When you or your loved one suffer a workplace injury and your claim gets denied, an experienced workers compensation lawyer in Orange County NY can negotiate with the insurance company, guide you with the appeal process and if needed take your case for a hearing. He/ she will also help you to determine the amount of compensation based on the medical treatments, loss of wages and any other incurred costs.

Where To Look For A Workers Compensation Lawyer In Orange County NY

Start with seeking referrals. If you know an lawyer trust then get his or her referrals for a worker’s compensation lawyer in Orange County NY. Ask your friends, families and neighbors for referrals as well. Talk to the referred lawyers and even if they can’t take your case they might refer you to another lawyer. Other referral services are also available from state bar organizations and specialty organizations, like, American Association for Justice.

You can also look at on-line directories but it always has the risk that you don’t know the listed lawyer and if the web-site screens the lawyers properly as it claims. If you are looking for an lawyer through Internet or on-line directories, be prepared to do some detailed research regarding their qualifications and experience.

The Cost Of Hiring A Worker’s Compensation Lawyer In Orange County NY

Most of the worker’s compensation lawyers charge the fees on a contingency basis. This means that the lawyer gets paid a percentage of your claim as their fees only if you win the case. They do not get paid if you don’t receive any compensation. You can still incur costs associated with your case such as filing fees or investigative charges which are different from the lawyer fees. Discuss the estimated costs with your lawyer so that there are no surprises. The contingency fees that an lawyer can charge can differ in each state. Generally, it is 1/3rd and 40% of the compensation received for the personal injury cases and tightly regulated and lower for worker’s compensation cases.

You should plan for initial consultations with more than one lawyer. Usually the initial consultation is free of charge but make sure to clarify this with the workers compensation lawyer in Orange County NY first.

What To Ask From Your Worker’s Compensation Lawyer In Orange County NY

During initial consultation apart from discussing the specifics of your case while the lawyer evaluates your case, you need to evaluate the lawyer. Ask for his/ her area of specialization, experience in handling cases like yours along with the end results. Make sure to discuss the time frame to get the resolution, if the lawyer has a team to work on your case or if he is the only person. Discuss the lawyer’s contingency fees, estimates of other estimated costs and finally establish a communication channel to ensure that you receive periodic information from the lawyer’s office.

Find an experienced and skilled worker’s compensation lawyer Orange County NY who can get you the results you are looking for.

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