How to Grow Indoor Bulbs

If the winter months are more than you can handle, you can dress up your home with bright spring flowers grown from bulbs. You will be grateful for your dedication to forcing indoor blooms in your home when you have gorgeous pink, purple and yellow flowers around it. There are a variety of indoor bulbs, such as amaryllis and paperwhites, that were made for indoor blooming. There are also a variety of other bulbs that can be forced to grow indoors when they are given the perfect environment. If your flower preferences include tulips, hyacinths or daffodils, you will need to learn how to perfect the environment indoors to make them grow.

Amaryllis and Paperwhites

These indoor bulbs are meant for indoor planting and do not need a lot of TLC. These bulbs are treated just as you would treat them outdoors, except you will be planting them in a pot. Once you choose your container, fill it with potting soil until it is about three-quarters full with quality potting soil. Once you place the bulb into the soil, cover it up with the tip remaining exposed. Once the planting is taken care of, find a sunny spot for your bulb to thrive in and periodically water it to keep the soil moist.

Forcing Bulbs

If you have a more eclectic taste in flowers and wish for tulips or hyacinths to grace your indoors, you can have them as well; they simply require a little more planning and work. The same planting techniques prevail when forcing indoor bulbs. The difference is once you water the bulbs, you will need to provide them with “chilling time.” This time will mimic the period the bulbs would normally go through if you planted them outdoors in the winter. As the temperatures cool, the roots get ready to grow. The “chilling time” can be done right in the refrigerator and should take between 12 and 15 weeks. The length of time each bulb needs to chill will depend on when it starts growing leaves. At the first sign of green leaves, you should remove the plants from the refrigerator and slowly move them to a warmer climate for blooming.

If you dread the long, colorless winter months, you can learn to love them again by adorning your home with gorgeous spring blooms to brighten everyone’s spirits. The easiest indoor bulbs to grow in your home are the amaryllis and paperwhites, but there are a variety of spring blooms that can also be grown indoors with the right TLC, dedication and knowledge.





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