How To Get The Most Out Of A Professional Motivational And Keynote Speaker

by | Jun 1, 2015 | Business

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Whether you are thinking of hiring a professional motivational and keynote speaker or are in the process of finding one now, it is important to know how to get the most our of your speakers, which will help them and your event. Whether you want someone for a business seminar or some other event, you need to ensure you get the most you can from them.


It is important to realize that when these speakers talk, it is like a highlights reel. They get the most inspiring and important points, but there is still so much detail that has to be left out. Therefore, you can email them and ask them to expand on particular topics.

Get Books

Most speakers have written books, so it may be helpful to purchase enough for everyone attending and ask that they read them before the event. That way, they get more information than normal. If they don’t read it before, they’ll want to afterward, which can also help bring home your message.


If this is a public meeting or event and you want to advertise or promote it, consider asking the speakers to help. In most cases, they will gladly want to and may be able to do a better job than you. It will also benefit them by keeping them on their toes.


While you’ve probably heard it’s important to view the slides ahead of time, you probably won’t need to. Analyzing every slide can be counterproductive, because the greatest professional motivational and keynote speakers have obscure ones that you won’t understand.

You Need Them

You need their expertise because they aren’t boring. You probably have every part of the event, and your speeches mapped out as much as possible to keep everything flowing, but a speaker doesn’t think like that. They are there to motivate and emphasize your points in a way that others will find interesting.

Price Considerations

It is typically inappropriate to haggle over the price of speakers because they are there to do you a favor and help your company. In most cases, they will be less expensive than the refreshments, and everything else put together, so you shouldn’t bicker. However, if you have a tiny audience or are doing this for charity, they may be able to provide a discount.

A professional motivational and keynote speaker is there to help you, so consider asking them about particular points, such as promotions and books. Visit to learn more.