How to create ads that are memorable

by | Nov 9, 2011 | Internet Marketing

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Billions of marketing dollars are spent by different companies each year in order to design memorable ad campaigns. However, the messages do not stick in a prospect’s mind. To make your ad campaign memorable, you need to follow a few things:

Engage prospects in your ad

People will only remember your ad if they spend more time with your ad. According to Elizabeth F. Loftus, distinguished professor of psychology, University of California, author of 21 books and an expert on malleability of memory, the most effective ads are the ones that stay in the memory of the prospects.

To get your prospects to spend more time with your ads, your ads should have the message that grabs the readers, headlines that emphasize a benefit and a compelling visual focal point.  In case of magazines, one large photo works the best. Multiproduct visuals can be used in case of newspapers.

Adding color and contrast can enhance your impact

High contrast images can play an important role for magazine readers as it increases recognition. For example, when the two identical ads for Stolichnaya vodka were tested by Starch communications, they found that the one with black background was remembered by twice as many people than with the white background. On an average, large print ads can prove to be more memorable. However, if your ad is creative and takes up small place then it will prove to be more effective and memorable.

Your print media can increase memorability through colors. Shades of blue green, sky blue and golden yellow are some colors that can increase memorability. In newspapers, red is considered to be a good spot color. Colors can increase recognition by almost 20 percent. Earlier, color ads used to earn 24 percent higher recognition. However, now four color ads are not being used anymore as they have lost recognition. Black and white campaigns are breaking in now.

Communicate frequently

According to psychologist Mark E. Wheeler, to remember, repetition is important. You can remember the information if exposed in different contexts. Therefore, you relate the different impressions after you see the message in different formats such as TV commercial, a billboard and print ad.

Use memorable benefits

Ads that immediately communicate a benefit grab can hold the prospect’s attention. Therefore, the benefits are more memorable than features. People will read your ad if the headline states a benefit. Your ad should convey the message in such a way that it holds and grabs the prospect’s attention with the benefits provided in the ad.