How to Choose the Right Type of Safe

When choosing a safe, you’ll probably be faced with so many options that it can seem hard to know where to start. It depends on what type of valuables you plan to keep in the safe, and whether or not you are bothered about its external appearance – if you’re looking for a high-end safe that is cosmetically stunning, expect to pay more!

Points to Consider

When choosing a safe, you need to consider the type of locking system, the thickness of the steel and the number of locking bolts. Whilst the number of locking bolts makes minimal difference to the security of your safe, it will deter criminals who are looking for a safe which is easy to break into!

Locking Systems

Combination locks are thought to be the most secure type of lock for your safe, and are ideal if you are storing items of a high value. For less valuable items, or a small office safe, a key locking system may be sufficient. Of course, the more secure the safe, the higher the cost!


When looking for a secure safe, a steel thickness of at least 12 gauge is adequate for most environments – unless a burglar is very determined, he’s unlikely to break into a safe with this level of security! You might also want to consider a safe which offers some degree of fire-proofing, for example, if you’re storing valuable documents. There’s no such thing as an entirely fire-proof safe, so make sure you compare models to see which will best protect your belongings – obviously, there are limits as to how long any safe will keep its contents protected from a blazing fire.


Don’t make the mistake of choosing a safe which is too small for your requirements. When buying safes, Birmingham specialists can advise on the right size for your needs – make sure that you buy an adequate size in case your needs change.


If you forget the combination to your safe, or lose your key, your first instinct is to panic – but there are many safe specialists in Birmingham who can come to your aid! Their experienced locksmiths have been trained to access safes and can help you to gain entry to your safe as quickly and efficiently as possible. They can also advise on ways to make your safe more secure – this could include installing it against a wall, so that the thinner side walls of your safe are less vulnerable.

Choosing a safe doesn’t have to be a difficult task. By visiting a company who specialise in safes in Birmingham, and carrying out some research online, you can inform yourself as to all the options available, and select the best safe for your home or business.

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