How to Choose Industrial Pressure Washers for Richmond, VA Businesses

by | Dec 15, 2014 | Home and Garden

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There are several reasons a company may need to purchase a pressure washer, but it is important to choose the right size for the jobs that need to be done. A trucking company that hauls milk will need a pressure washer capable of cleaning the tankers that are used, as well as help sterilize them as well. That company’s needs for an industrial pressure washer will be vastly different than a business who uses a washer to clean their parking lot. It is important to know how to pick out the best power washer for your business.

To decide which industrial power washer to buy begins by answering the question, what needs to be cleaned? Obviously, if a company needs to clean and sterilize milk tankers, they will need Industrial Pressure Washers Richmond VA that will give them the option of using hot water to help in the sterilization process. A pressure washer being used to clean asphalt or windows won’t necessarily need to spray hot water. Visit the site for complete details.

Some heavy duty pressure washers can only be used outdoors because they are powered by gasoline. Using a gas powered pressure washer could lead to fumes building up and creating a dangerous situation. Pressure washers are powered by electricity, natural gas, liquid propane or gasoline. If a pressure washer needs to be used indoors, than ventilation is important if the it runs on either LP gas or natural gas. That limits the mobility of a pressure washer and another outdoor pressure washing system may need to be purchased if there are trucks, windows or parking lots that need to be cleaned.

Finally, how long that a pressure washer will be used each week will impact the decision on which type to buy as well. If it is only used on occasion, than a smaller unit may be adequate for a company’s needs. If it is used heavily, 20 or more hours each week, then a heavy duty unit will be needed. To buy Industrial Pressure Washers Richmond VA, the experts at can help companies determine which type of pressure washer they need.

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