How Methadone Detox Centers Help Heroin Addicts

by | Dec 24, 2012 | Health Care

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When you are addicted to heroin, there are many things to consider when you are trying to quit. Unfortunately, heroin is not one of the drugs you can detox from naturally on your own. It is a drug that requires intensive inpatient therapy due to its painful and even life-threatening withdrawal symptoms. There is a variety of private methadone detox centers that offer detoxification from heroin that makes it less painful for addicts.

Inpatient Treatment

There is a variety of benefits of obtaining inpatient care when you are detoxing from heroin. First and foremost, inpatient care provides isolation from the rest of the world. This means you have no stress and no exposure to drugs. You are able to focus 100 percent on the withdrawal and recovery from your addiction, allowing you to put your addiction behind you. In addition, the withdrawal from heroin is extremely dangerous. It requires the 24-hour supervision of a medical team to ensure you are doing okay physically while you suffer through the withdrawal.

The Help of Methadone

Methadone detox centers specialize in the use of methadone to help heroin addicts stop taking drugs. This has proven to be a successful method of treatment, simply because the withdrawal symptoms are so painful for addicts, causing them to avoid trying to rid their body of the drugs and continue their addiction, furthering the damage they are doing to their lives. Even though methadone is considered an opiate, when it is used in the controlled environment of an inpatient detox center, it can be a successful treatment.

A Second Chance

For many drug addicts, methadone is a second chance at detoxifying. Many addicts have tried unsuccessfully to rid their bodies of heroin and kick the habit, but the pain of the withdrawal is so severe they typically turn to their drugs to get rid of the pain. These addicts are the perfect candidate for methadone detox centers. With the help of a medical team, you can successfully stop using drugs and not experience the excruciating pain that usually accompanies it.

It can be overwhelming to consider trying to get help for your heroin addiction. If you are worried about the pain and suffering you will experience, there is a variety of methadone detox centers that can help you successfully detox and recover from your addiction and help you prevent future relapses.


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