How Dumpster Rental Companies are helping save the Environment

Have you ever thought of what happened to the waste from construction sites, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels among other large sources of solid waste? That would amount to a stupendous amount of bulk waste products. Without the service of dumpster rental companies, the accumulation of such large amounts of garbage would be a real problem to society. These disposal services provide an essential service to the public by removing harmful and hazardous waste products from the environment and disposing of them in a safe manner that assists in recycling and safe dumping in landfills.

States like Massachusetts are already in the process of implementing resolutions to disallow the dumping of certain types of waste materials in the landfills in the state. The state will demand that waste materials would require processing to that products that can be further recycled can be removed for the process of recycling. This would lessen the load on landfills. Some dumpster rental companies have evolved very unique and innovative ways to profit from this state statute. Demolition debris from construction sites cannot be sent directly to landfills. Some enterprising individuals and companies have achieved ways to recycle and process these materials and can offer the recycled products to the market helping to manage waste disposal and also selling the recycled products for a profit. Waste from construction sites may range from bricks and concrete to electrical wiring and insulation, wood and other products. Certain materials like plasterboard are not suitable for disposal in landfills as they decompose releasing a toxic, foul-smelling gas called hydrogen sulfide. Other hazardous substances that are prevalent at construction sites include lead and asbestos.

The materials most commonly recycled are glass, metal, paper, textiles, plastic and electronics. Recycling serves a number of purposes that include:

  • Reduction of pressure on landfills
  • Reduction the consumption of fresh raw materials
  • Cut in air pollution as it lessens the amount of waste that is incinerated
  • Reduction in energy consumption
  • Prevention of potentially useful products being disposed of in the absence of recycling techniques

Biodegradable wastes are mostly converted into compost and other useful products by various disposal methods.

Dumpster rental companies are able to provide construction sites and municipalities the opportunity of disposing solid wastes and construction wastes including the transportation of the waste away from the sites of production. These companies not only help the community maintain cleanliness and order, provide employment and revenue, but also offer a source of recycled products to society. For customized solutions to waste disposal, it’s a good idea to contact professional dumpster rental. Providence, RI residents and companies can seek the services of transportation companies who specialize in processing solid waste.

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