How can you get the Benefits you deserve Under Workers’ Compensation?

When an accident occurs on the job, the injured worker can often feel overwhelmed and worried. They may not be aware of their rights or understand the process of receiving benefits. To get the benefits you deserve under workers’ compensation, it is imperative to hire a lawyer. A lawyer cannot guarantee the outcome of a workers’ compensation claim, but they can certainly make a big difference in how the claim proceeds.

The workers’ compensation lawyer will first contact the insurance company. To get the benefits you deserve, the lawyer will work towards making sure the insurance company has all the information they need to process the claim. This means preparing his client for making a recorded statement and reviewing all paperwork before it is signed.

Having a lawyer working on the case often prompts the insurance company to be vigilant in making sure they decide on the claim in a timely manner. Should the insurance company come back with a denial the lawyer can be of great help through the appeals process.

An appeal hearing takes place before an administrative law judge. He listens to all of the evidence and then makes a determination on whether or not the claimant has the right to receive workers’ compensation benefits or is denied. With a lawyer’s representation, the claimant will have the ability to appeal to a higher court, should it be needed.

Though it takes time for most workers’ compensation claims to be settled, working with a lawyer can help the process be more smoothly and less stressful. Since the lawyer does not earn any fees unless the case is won, there is no risk to the injured worker.

Workers’ compensation provides wage replacement and medical benefits until the worker is able to return to work. If you are an injured worker who is wondering how you can get the benefits you deserve under workers’ compensation, make sure to consult with a lawyer so you know your rights and do all you can to protect them. A lawyer will work to ensure you are given the benefits you are entitled to, without the major stress workers’ compensation claims often cause.