How Bail Bonds Work in Pueblo

You have a friend that just got arrested and bail has been set. They have asked you to post bail for them. However, you are not sure how bail or Bail Bonds Pueblo work.

It is important to know exactly what bail is before you help out your friend. Bail is security for the court that your friend will show up on their court date. It allows your friend to go home and they just have to show up for their original court date.

The first option for posting Bail Bonds Pueblo for your friend is cash. It is important to note here that in some jurisdictions court fees must be taken out of cash bail. You will go to the court and pay the bail amount for your friend. Sometimes a court may allow you to put up collateral instead of cash.

If you do not have the cash and the court does not allow you to use collateral, you can seek out a bail bondsman. You can put up collateral with them and they front the cash for the bail. The downside to this is that he will charge you a fee, usually ten to fifteen percent. The upside to using a bail bondsman is that they can walk you through the entire process.

What happens if your friend skips out on court? Well you can thank your friend for wasting your money because the court will not give it back to you and a bail bondsman may keep your collateral. Furthermore, when your friend skips out on a Bail Bonds Pueblo they will have a warrant issued for their arrest. If you used a bail bondsman, they will more than likely hire a bounty hunter.

Hopefully with either direction you choose you trust your friend. They need to know what is on the line for you if the decide to skip court. Posting bail is easy enough if you know what is involved. Make sure that you know all the terms involved in getting your money or collateral back. Then tell your friend the terms so that they know what they need to do.


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