How a social security attorney in Tulsa helps you in winning your case

People who have disabilities, either mental or physical where they are limited to performances in some major activities are often subjected to certain professional and social discrimination. Some people are sometimes discriminated at work fields even when they have the capability to perform the job without any problem. With the introduction of American Disabilities Act, physically or mentally challenged people are given equal opportunities in that cases. But before applying, one needs to hire an experienced social security attorney in Tulsa . This highly increases the person’s chance for winning the appeal.

What happens when you call a social security attorney in Tulsa

When you first contact a social security attorney in Tulsa for representing your case, a member of the law firm will take an interview for gathering the basic facts regarding the case. Based on those facts it is decided whether the lawyer will take the case. Usually telephonic interviews are done, but in some cases, the attorney may also meet the person.

A well experienced social security attorney in Tulsa is highly trained in spotting cases where there is a high chance of success. However in certain borderline cases, the file is reviewed by the lawyer and then he or she decides whether your case can be represented. If the attorney declines to represent you if there is little or no chance for winning the appeal.

Development of medical evidence

A member of the law firm or the social security attorney in Tulsa whom you are hiring at first requests all the medical records which are needed for winning your claim. It is then submitted to the Social Security Administration at the proper time before the hearing. While hiring the attorney, a medical privacy needs to be signed which allows your lawyer to access your current and previous medical records. All payments for the records are done by the attorney. The cost is added to your bill in the end of the case.

After reviewing the records, the lawyer determines whether you need to undergo any additional medical tests since SSA dictates an exam to be taken by the client for winning the disability claim. After developing all the evidences, your social security attorney in Tulsa asks SSA to schedule a test with their doctor.

How your case is argued

It is the duty of your social security attorney in Tulsa to find out the best way by which you can win your case. First of all they review the denial letter from the agency and find out the reasons for which your application was denied. Next a theory is developed on the reasons for which you are disabled. There are usually 3 main theories. Your attorney can prove that your condition meets the description of illness as declared by SSA. If it meets the criteria, benefits are automatically granted. Then they prove that certain limitations may prevent you from working and why special benefits may be arranged in that matter.

At the hearing your social security attorney in Tulsa asks you some hypothetical questions which are designed to find out in which jobs you are completely capable and in which cases you cannot perform the job because of your disability. A well experienced social security lawyer finds out all the correct facts that will help you win your case.

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