How a Foot Doctor in Magnolia TX Can Treat Your Child’s Flat Feet

Flat feet or fallen arches are common reason why older individuals may place a call to a foot doctor in Magnolia, TX, but there are a number of children who suffer from the same issue. In fact, it’s well known that even by the age of six, 10 to 20% of children suffer from flat feet.

Why Do Children Develop Flat Feet?

Children may never develop well-formed foot arches for a variety of reasons:

  • Genetic and biological reasons
  • Tight Achilles tendon
  • Ankle restriction

Typically, flat feet in children aren’t the result of improper foot wear, though some foot doctors believe that this may be a contributing cause.

How to Spot Flat Feet

Children who always have flat feet may not even be remotely aware that they have this common malady. This puts the duty on the parents to know what to watch for so that they can help their child’s feet develop correctly before it may be too late.

  • Watch your child’s feet closely and see if they are able to move their feet up and down without difficulty or discomfort
  • See if you child’s feet is able to freely shift from side to side
  • While bathing your child, look for anything that looks odd. Hot spots or thick callused spots in unlikely places can indicate a flat foot.
  • If your child complains of sore or achy feet regularly, especially after physical activity, it may be an indication of flat feet.

How a Foot Doctor Can Resolve Your Child’s Flat Feet

A foot doctor or podiatrist is key in treating and resolving any foot issues that your child may be having. The doctor will first physically examine your child’s foot, legs, back, posture, and ask them to walk in a straight line. They will then be able to best diagnose and determine the cause of your child’s flat feet.

  • A Tight Achilles Tendon: The doctor will be able to show parents, caregivers and older children how to gently stretch their child’s heel cord
  • A Rigid Flatfoot: This occurs when the arch is unable to move freely. In some situations an insole or shoe insert may be prescribed, though in severe situations surgery may be recommended to allow for the proper growth and comfort of your child well into their adult years

The best action for any parent to take when they suspect something may be amiss with their child’s health is to act early and act fast. A podiatrist will be able to eliminate worry and will often offer simple solutions that will have a major impact on your child’s life now and later in life.

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