How a Cosmetic Dentist, Arlington TX, Does Dental Bridgework

When your smile is affected by missing teeth, a cosmetic dentist, Arlington TX, can carry out a procedure called dental bridgework. It will change your appearance in that you won’t be afraid to smile anymore because you won’t be trying to hide the gap. Depending on where you have the missing teeth, your speech may be affected and you are not able to chew hard foods. This will all change when you have this procedure done so it does affect a lot more than your smile and your self-confidence.

Ask a cosmetic dentist Arlington TX to explain the procedure

The information about dental bridgework should come from a cosmetic dentist. Arlington, TX dentists will be more than happy to take the time to explain what bridgework is and what to expect from the procedure. The bridge is custom made and designed to look just like the tooth or teeth that are missing from your gums. It will fill the gap that now exists. Before the dentist starts the procedure, he/she will do an assessment on the health of your gums to determine if they are strong enough to hold the bridge in place. If there is any decay on the surrounding gums and teeth, this will have to be corrected first.

What happens in bridgework from a cosmetic dentist Arlington TX

Having dental bridgework done by a cosmetic dentist Arlington TX may feel somewhat uncomfortable, but it is painless. This is because the dentist applies a local anesthetic to your gums before starting to work on your teeth. One of the disadvantages of having this procedure done is that the dentist has to basically spoil the teeth on either side of the gap. This is done by filing them down so that they will accommodate the bridge to be set in the space. Then the dentist will take an impression for the formation of the bridge so that it fits in the space neatly.

No gap in bridgework from a cosmetic dentist Arlington TX

Now you may think that after your first visit to a cosmetic dentist in Arlington TX for bridgework that you have an even larger gap between your teeth to hide. This is not so because the dentist will insert a temporary bridge to cover up the wider space. You will keep this in while the permanent bridge is being made. When it is ready, the dentist will remove the temporary bridge and insert the permanent one in its place. When it is fitted properly, it will then be cemented into place so that it won’t come out.

The cosmetic dentist, Arlington TX, that does the dental bridgework procedure will explain how to clean the bridgework and prevent any further problems. You will use a regular toothbrush for cleaning but there is also a special instrument to use for flossing. Although bridgework is intended to last forever, sometimes problems do occur. You only have to schedule another visit with the cosmetic dentist, Arlington TX to receive the help that you need.

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