Home Interior Design: Top 3 FAQs

Home interior design is an interdisciplinary subject that aims to maximize the function and aesthetics of spaces of living or work. It is a combined application of color, furniture and lighting according to the needs of the occupants. Therefore, a good interior design is bound to make one feel fresh and develop a positive attitude towards life. With fierce competition and few big names, the choice of designers is difficult to make. Designing interiors is a highly fragmented industry – the 50 largest firms account for only about 10% of revenue. This statistics was surveyed and inferred by Research and Markets, US Interior design service report.

Therefore, this article will try to clear three most frequently asked questions about home interior design.

Top 3 FAQs on Home Interior Design

There are certain frequently asked questions that the customers always have in mind while they approach any home interior design firm. Given below are the answers to the top four FAQs:

1. What is the difference between home interior design and architecture?

The former concentrates on the internal configuration and decoration of your home.  Any external additions, such as a loft conversion or a side extension would be for the remit of an architect. Anything related to structure or the house, including pillars and plumbing, is a part of the architecture.

2. How do I know whether I will get a designer who can design in the unique style I prefer?

A home designing process requires the designers to collaborate with the home owners and to together decide on an appropriate design solution for you. All projects start with an initial concept visit – an interactive design session with your designer. During the visit, your ideas and feedback is encouraged to ensure that the final designs are exactly what you want. Many clients find it useful to cut out products from magazines. Again, this type of input is actively encouraged in the initial concept visit. However, keep in mind that only a good and honest designer would like to follow this time consuming process for the benefit of the client.

3. I wish my home is renovated according to astrology. Do I need to entirely demolish my house?

No. These are a few very easy adjustments you can make. For example, a good home interior design professional will design your bedroom so you would sleep in the southwest area of your house with your head facing the south. A professional will place heavier furniture to the south and west. He might even keep the centre, north and east areas of your home open and free of clutter. So, no demolition will be required.

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