Hiring A Moving Company In Louisville For The First Time

While some people and families have moved multiple times, there are other individuals moving for the first time. The first time hiring a moving company in Louisville may seem to be intimidating but with a strategic way to approach the task it will be very manageable.

One of the most important factors in hiring any moving company in Louisville is to start well in advance, or as early as possible, from the date of the move. This allows you the time necessary to get estimates, review the various companies, and also to organize and prepare to pack in a logical way.

Getting Quotes

Moving a one bedroom apartment is not as complicated or difficult as moving the contents of a large home. Depending on how much you have to move a moving company in Louisville may be able to provide a free estimate for the move over phone.

Quotes over the phone are usually recommended only with smaller moves. The moving company will ask questions as to the number of people, bedrooms, large furniture items or special moving requirements you may have. From this information, they generate a very accurate estimate for the cost of the relocation services.

For homes or commercial moves the moving company in Louisville may send a representative to complete a more comprehensive estimate. This also allows the moving company to determine if there will be the need to take down any large furniture items or supply specialized packing for artwork, large mirrors, wardrobe boxes or other specialized packing needs.

Comparing Services Provided

Through a review of the website or at the time of the in-person or phone estimation process ask about any additional services required. A top moving company in Louisville will provide all the packing materials you need as well as offer custom packing and unpacking for an additional cost.

Other specialized services required may include short or long term storage of some or all of the items. Make sure to mention this in advance to the moving company in Louisville you are selecting. Check to make sure they maintain storage facilities either the area for local moves or at the location of the new residence.

A top moving company in Louisville will be there to provide information, assistance and advice as it is needed. Ask questions and utilize the experience and knowledge of the moving coordinator managing your move.

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