Hiring A Concrete Contractor In Chicago IL For Your Paved Patio

Adding a paved patio to a home can substantially increase the property’s usable space. However, pouring concrete is not as simple as it may appear to those that have never done it before. Concrete that is poured incorrectly can take unusual shapes and be prone to cracking fairly shortly after being poured. For this reason, hiring a concrete contractor in Chicago IL can be one of the best solutions for having this work done to your property.

Prepare The Area To Be Paved

As part of the paving process, the area where the patio will be located must be made as level as possible. Otherwise, the concrete will not pour unevenly, which can complicate the curing process. For this reason, there may need to be some excavation work done prior to the concrete being poured.

If the soil is mostly level, there may only need to be a couple of inches excavated to allow the concrete to be evenly poured. During the initial consultation, the concrete contractor will be able to inform you of the extent of leveling that must be done to allow the concrete to be poured.

Respect The Curing Process

The drying and curing process for concrete is often much longer than homeowners may have anticipated. While some homeowners may assume that they will be able to use the patio as soon as it has hardened, this may not be the best choice. Concrete will need several weeks or longer to cure fully.

During this time, its use should be kept to a minimum to limit the amount of weight and stress that the concrete must endure. Until this process has finished, homeowners may want to avoid placing heavy furniture or other items on the patio. However, keeping heavy items off the new concrete can minimize the potential for cracks in the future.

When you are looking at options for improving your property, a paved patio can be one of the best solutions available. While this is a major project to undertake for your home, there is a concrete contractor in Chicago IL that will be able to help you with completing the project in a fast and reliable manner. For more information about installing a new patio, contact us.

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