High Performance and Superiority with a Rackmount LCD Monitor

Rackmount LCD Monitor offers high performance and superior grade display via rack mounted LCD panel that boasts of a high end LCD screen. As a result, bonded anti-reflective glass covers and an infrared dual-touch touch screen are both available to the user. These lightweight monitors look stylish yet their lightness belies their real strength which is close to industrial grade with hardy stainless hardware used throughout. It typically mounts in front of the rack and offers LED backlighting, robust display with incredible brightness, native contrast and resolution. The flexible viewing angle adds to the ease of use, making it an extremely user-friendly product.

One can opt for mounting brackets that help fit the Rackmount Monitor to a variety of racks with different fore to aft rail spacing. The robust performance ensures that one can use these as much for a stable office environment as they can for more challenging situations like a moving vehicle. The sizes vary from 17″, 19″, and 20″ and more and can be fitted into a selection of KVM Drawers for easy usage. Advanced models come with anti-reflective (AR) cover glass that can easily resist finger prints, liquids and dirt smudges and are super easy to clean. More than that, this also enhances the overall contrast and performance of the monitor.

Moreover, this anti-reflective glass can be directly bonded to the display for use in bright environments via the infrared touch. Improved interface functionality can be had through the infrared dual-touch touch screen. This means that users can use gloves, bare fingers and pointe device without fear of damage. One can enjoy unlimited touch activation options like gesture recognition and screen scaling among many others. The controller comes with an array of input options with state of the art display graphics and stability. It also paves the way for long term performance, consistency and reliability. With built in amplifiers and speakers these offer a comprehensive AV experience.

The Rackmount LCD Monitor can be adapted for any kind of environment, from commercial and broadcast applications, high end IT and server needs to large scale industrial applications as well. There is room for custom changes as per customer or application specific requirements. Typically the display operates from a 12-volt DC power supply along with an EMI filter inside. Each power supply includes a bracket that leads to secure mounting in any rack. Longevity and durability with power performance is guaranteed with monitor that one chooses.

RackmountLCDPro.com is a popular Rackmount LCD Monitor manufacturer among other products and has a strong customer base across the world.

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