Helpful Facts about the Science of Obstetrics

by | Mar 1, 2012 | Health Care

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The advancement of Obstetrics science in recent years has provided women residents of Henderson and the Las Vegas metro area with several positive treatments for many woman health services. And with many different locations, and different levels of experience in the field of Obstetrics in Henderson, many patients are simply not sure about what type of OB/GYN they should select for their personal check-ups. In order to best simplify this process, here are some helpful facts about Obstetrics in Henderson and the people who provide important medical services for women of all ages.

An Obstetrician or OB/GYN offers a wide-variety of health services specifically for the female anatomy including, annual Pap test, parental care, pregnancy, child birth and post-partum services. They are a medical doctor which specializes in the female reproductive system and including proper care and surgical solutions for women. The majority of their education is based on the management and diagnosis of gynecological and obstetric medical problems.

Each specialist of Obstetrics in Henderson offers several different services based on the specialty or extended training for each OB/GYN. Some choose Obstetrics as their field of study, to care for a woman during pregnancy and focus on the entire reproductive process for their female patients. Others choose to specialize in Gynecological medicine. However, most OB/GYN’s will practice both and tend to offer a wide-selection of services including:

* Prenatal health care

* Birth and Labor care

* Contraceptive education and counseling

* Sexually transmitted disease diagnosis and treatment

* Annual Gynecologic Exams which include both breast exams and Pap Smear exams

* Pap test treatments such as cryosurgery, cone biopsy and colposcopy

* Treatment of chronic medical conditions like endometriosis

* Infertility treatment

* Menopause treatment, education and management

Obstetricians are required to complete educational requirements as mandated by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology (also known as the ABOG). These requirements include Graduation from an Approved Medical School, Four years of residency education which includes particular study in gynecology, ultrasonography, gynecologic oncology and obstetrics.

After an Obstetrician completes these requirements, any OB/GYN is required to pass a test which is both administered and overseen by ABOG in order to become board certified. After these requirements are met, many OB/GYN’s choose to extend their education by learning more about infertility or maternal medication.

For the most part, many women choose to select an OB/GYN because they have the ability to treat all female related issues from their first Pap inspection to complete pregnancy and child birth services. The comfort level for women in having the same personal doctor is also an important factor in selecting an Obstetrics specialist in Henderson which might be close to home or the work office.

The field of Obstetrics in Henderson has advanced significantly over the past decade with improvement in prenatal care, early diagnosis and treatment of female related medical issues and even advanced monitoring equipment. When looking for an specialist in Obstetrics in Henderson and surrounding Las Vegas metro area, make sure you select somebody who can provide you with complete comfort, exceptional treatment and is dedicated to your health.

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