Guidelines For HVAC Career And HVAC Jobs In Dallas

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The demand for HVAC jobs in Dallas and in the entire United States is expected to increase and grow steadily due to the increased usage of energy efficient appliances and increasing demand for eco-friendly and innovative solutions. HVAC industry in general is going through a rapid change as energy consumption is a bigger challenge for heating, ventilating and cooling systems. Today’s consumers are more informed and sensitive towards carbon footprint and at the same time are more conscious economically. This article provides more information on the requirements for HVAC technicians and ways to look for HVAC jobs in Dallas.

Description for HVAC Jobs in Dallas

HVAC jobs require technicians to operate, maintain, install and repair all the components of a HVAC system, that is, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and ventilation systems. You can also specialize in certain areas of repair work or system maintenance. While building your HVAC career look for the duties and responsibilities included in the description for HVAC jobs in Dallas.

A typical job description requires the details on the years of training and degrees completed at an HVAC school. You will need to provide your work experience whether years of professional service or HVAC internship. It will also specify the work hours for the position. If the description is for a standard job then it would be a 40-hour work week. Physical requirements are necessary as well as it specifies any particular requirements for standing for long periods or carrying heavy loads as regular daily activities.

Applying For HVAC Jobs In Dallas

Online resources are the first place to initiate the job search. You can search for local companies and find jobs postings from local employers. HVAC contractors, wholesale suppliers of HVAC systems and manufacturing companies also post HVAC jobs. There are many career opportunities whether you are interested in service, installation, engineering, or maintenance. Some of the examples of HVAC jobs and HVAC careers include HVAC maintenance technicians, HVAC refrigeration technicians, engineers, project managers, HVAC operation managers etc. Some of these jobs might require a specific certification and knowledge for that area. With the HVAC industry rapidly growing finding the right HVAC jobs path that meets with your expertise and expectation shouldn’t take long.​

HVAC Certifications In Texas For HVAC Jobs In Dallas

Texas has many vocational and technical schools that have accredited HVAC certification programs. Department of Licensing and Regulation in Texas can provide the required information on the schools in your area that are approved for providing Texas HVAC license and credits for continuing education. You can also take your HVAC certification program online and make use of the flexibility with schedule.

HVAC license requirements of Texas is little different than that of other states as it considers EAC or Environmental Air Conditioning and the (CRPC/H) Commercial Refrigeration and Process Cooling or Heating as two different classes of licenses. After the certification program, you will need to clear the sate administered exam.

With the estimated growth in HVAC industry, there is a growing need for skilled technicians. Find the right HVAC jobs Dallas that complements your career goals. For more information visit

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