Grants For Double Glazing Work In UK

There will have been times when all of us, as home-owners, have contemplated insulating our homes. Insulating our homes can come in various forms from loft insulation to cavity wall insulation. What many people do not realise is that heat from our homes can be lost at a greater rate through old, decaying or faulty window frames and glass. This is why the government has, depending on personal circumstance, begun to offer grants for home-owners whereby double glazing would dramatically increase their energy efficiency, reduce their energy usage and in turn decrease their carbon footprint. Helping the environment is at the top of the agenda for most governments and they are doing everything in their power to show people that the environment does matter to them, that they are pro-actively helping to save the environment by offering schemes and grants to home-owners in order to help them reduce their energy usage and become more energy efficient.

Now is the time

Double glazing is an expensive home improvement. It requires a large, initial financial outlay and at a time when finances are stretched as it is, may be considered a luxury item that one simply does not need or cannot afford. The facts are this, by replacing your old windows and doors with double glazed equivalents you will see your home energy bills plummet. Your replacement windows & doors will save you so much money on your energy bills that they will practically pay for themselves over time. Additionally, governments are offering grants to encourage home-owners to efficiently insulate their homes. Do some research on the internet and find out what grants are available to you. Many grants are dependant on your personal circumstances such as age, employment status and the area in which you reside.

Alternatively, contact one of the many companies offering replacement windows in Penzance. They will have up to date knowledge and advice regarding any schemes or grants that are currently in operation in the area that you live.

Unemployed of over sixty?

There are schemes running across the UK such as The Warm Front Scheme and The Green Deal. These schemes target those on a low income, or unemployed and the elderly. The government has put in place plans for all homes in the UK to be energy efficient by the year 2030. To achieve this they have set up schemes whereby your home can be assessed by professionals and a decision made about whether or not your home will benefit from double glazing. This comes at no cost to the home-owner so it really is advisable to check out schemes such as these to see if you qualify for financial support.


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