Get Top Dollar for Your Scrap Copper in Philadelphia

A significant problem for homes that have been abandoned by owners that have defaulted on their mortgage is properties being turned upside down by people looking for valuable materials. One such material that many homes are robbed of is copper piping and wiring. The resale value of copper can be quite significant. However, if you have on your hands Scrap Copper Philadelphia from materials you have used in your particular profession, you want to make sure that if you’re going to sell this scrap copper you get the best price possible. Here are a few things to remember.

The first step in selling Scrap copper Philadelphia is to find a scrap yard that will purchase scrap metals such as copper. The chances are quite good, especially if you live in or around the city of Philadelphia, that you will find multiple scrapyards that will be more than happy to purchase your scrap metal, especially scrap copper.

The next step is that before you visit the scrapyard, you want to separate your different pieces of scrap copper. If you don’t, the salvage yard will simply grade all of your scrap copper has a lower grade and you’ll get paid less.

There are various levels of quality for scrap copper. For example, copper piping that has no solder points is considered #1 scrap copper. The lowest level of copper is #4. If your premium copper scraps are mixed in with low grade copper scraps with a mixture of steel and aluminum and haven’t been separated, the scrapyard will simply pay you as if all the copper you’re selling is #4.

Sorting your Scrap copper Philadelphia may be time-consuming but it’s worth the effort if it results in a bigger payoff. For example, copper piping is some of the most valuable copper scrap, however, if the piping has solder points this can reduce its value. If you take the time to cut off the solder points and simply leave the bare copper piping, you’re going to get a better price for your scrap.

If you work in an industry that uses copper, or you work in an industry where you routinely acquire Scrap Copper Philadelphia, finding a good scrapyard and sorting your scraps can be very beneficial. The amount of money you can make off scrap copper can be surprisingly significant and it’s a stream of revenue you shouldn’t ignore.



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