Get to Know Kenyan History while You Stay at a Luxury Hotel

If you’re a seasoned world traveler but you haven’t yet set foot in Kenya, then you should make that the next place you spend your vacation. With wide open savannas and exotic wildlife running free in national parks, the scenery will be beyond your wildest dreams. A luxury hotel in Kenya is a great base from which to get to know this fascinating country better.

Kenya has a long and rich history. In the Middle Ages, the coastal parts of what is now Kenya attracted merchants from all over the Arab world and beyond. Merchant ships would traverse the Indian Ocean to reach the coast of Kenya and trade in luxury goods. The dominant language in Kenya, Swahili, reflects this cross-cultural contact in its mixture of words from African languages, Arabic and more. The décor at many a luxury hotel in Kenya will also evoke numerous cultures.

The first Europeans to arrive in Kenya were the Portuguese, who came in the 16th century as part of their explorations of the Indian Ocean. When they set up shop in Kenya, the Portuguese struggled to boot out the Arab traders and put an end to Arab dominance of the area. Portuguese dominance did not last long, however, and Kenya’s attractive coastline would be under the control of a variety of imperial powers for the next several centuries.

The next European nation to colonize Kenya in a major way was Germany, which created a protectorate over the possessions of the Sultan of Zanzibar. In 1888, the British arrived, creating the British East Africa Company to rival the holdings of Germany in the area. Germany ceded its possessions to the British Empire a few years later, and British imperial power took hold.

The British remained in power in Kenya for many decades, but the heavy toll of World War II provided a weakness that the dissatisfied natives could exploit. The Mau Mau Rebellion in the 1950s struggled to throw off British rule, eventually resulting in Kenya’s independence in 1963. Since then, Kenyan cities have been growing at breakneck speed, with Nairobi emerging as an important business center. If you chat with any of the people running the luxury hotel in Kenya that you’re staying at, you will probably hear lots of interesting stories about Kenya since its independence.

You can get a great feel for this fascinating nation by staying in a luxury hotel in Kenya during your travels. Your luxury hotel in Kenya is a reflection of the many cultures that have interacted in the area throughout centuries. Look online today for a great place to stay during your vacation! Visit Website for more details!

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