Get the Most from Your Drink Dispenser

Have you got a drink dispenser but are not sure what to do with it? Or more likely you simply fill it with the same sodas or water on each refill, keeping the same boring flavors coming out time and time again. The wonders of having a drink dispenser if that you can choose what you put in it, whether at your home or in your business. You should be aware that you can change what’s inside, you can experiment, and allow your machine to reach its full potential.

To start, you need to practice with different drinks in your dispenser to see what your customers like best. This works best with see-through containers, but don’t worry if yours isn’t, it’s the taste that matters most. Try getting some ideas from this following list:

Thai Coffee

This idea is most about the taste and works best with chewable ice. Use a blend on coffee beans, milk, cream, sugar and water to make the best tasting coffee you or your customer have experienced. Due to the dispensers cooling system, the coffee stays fresh tasting all day, and Thai coffee is supposed to be had cold, so it’s an ideal place to try it out.

Mixing Soft Drinks

This is a trend in which Coca Cola seems to be latching onto recently. You take your normal flavors of soft drinks and mix them with others. It’s a simple idea and if done right, can create the most remarkable of flavors. Try experimenting in private first, then once you’ve found a good combination place it in your machine, label it and wait and see. This method might not work first time but when done right can do work wonders.

Alcoholic Beverages

In the right hands, a drink dispenser is a valuable addition to the party. If you’re an establishment that hosts parties, or even a convenience store with an alcohol section, try filling your dispenser with alcohol. This easy to use and re-fill dispenser will help any party flow smoother. Also by using paper cups it saves on masses amount of waste from cans and bottles.

Exotic Juices

No one will expect a normal drink dispenser to contain anything special, let alone exotic. Try mixing yours up by adding a taste of the tropics, maybe put on coconut water in one section, or possibly some mango juice in the other. There’s so many available juices that if you’re willing to pay that little bit more than conventional sodas, can give your dispenser that little something extra.

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