Get The Best Care For Your Pet At The Animal Clinic Honolulu

As a pet owner, you know that your animals will periodically need veterinary care. Whether it is for an annual check-up, minor surgery or emergency services, you have to trust your veterinarian to perform the necessary treatment with genuine concern for your pet. At the Animal Clinic Honolulu, experienced and caring veterinary professionals are on hand to meet the needs of you and your pet.

Puppies and kittens need their first vaccinations and a complete check-up to ensure that they are healthy and have a great start in life. When your cat or dog reaches adulthood, they need to have bi-annual or annual check-ups to maintain good health. Aging pets need to be examined for signs of ailments that may appear in their senior years.

Spaying or neutering is also important for the health of your pet. The Animal Clinic In Honolulu recommends that cats and dogs be spayed at around 6 months of age. Before any surgery at the animal hospital, an exam is given and lab work is performed so that any pre-existing conditions can be detected before anesthesia is administered. After the surgical procedure is finished, your pet will be closely observed for any complications that may arise.

Just like people, dogs and cats can get periodontal disease too. Experienced professionals at the vet’s office will clean your pet’s teeth, give him a complete dental exam and take care of any problems in his mouth.

If you are going away on a trip, you can bring your cat or dog to the clinic for boarding while you are gone. When you board your pet at the Animal Clinic Honolulu location, your pet will have the best care during his stay at the kennel. He will be closely watched and exercised multiple times a day.

The staff also offers knowledgeable advice about any behavioral problems your pet may have such as aggressive behavior and potty problems. In addition to your canine and feline friends, veterinary care is also available for birds, reptiles and small animals.

The friendly staff at the Honolulu animal hospital cares about the health and welfare of your pet. Their courteous and professional manner will put you and your animal at ease the minute you walk into the clinic.