Five Important Elements Of Traditional Hindu Wedding Cards

The careful planning of all the intricate details of a Hindu wedding begins with choosing the perfect Hindu wedding cards. The wedding card is used as a symbol of the beliefs and traditions of the family. It is also a way to express respect for the values of the families’ community. The wedding cards are carefully planned and created and the recipients of the Hindu wedding invitation will usually keep the card safely on display.

There are some distinguishing features that help identify Hindu wedding invitations. These features often include six additions that are common to all Hindu wedding cards.

A two-sided card covered in rich artwork with wording that is carefully covered with and surrounded by intricate patterns is the basic foundation for the wedding cards. Many times the envelope is an important element of the invitation if only as means of preserving the card.

A second important feature of the Hindu wedding invitation is the careful use of symbolic colors. Guided by the teachings of Hindu traditions, yellow, orange and red are often found on the wedding cards. These colors symbolize the desires of the bride and groom and may be used to signify fertility, joy, prosperity and other blessings. Other colors that may be found on the cards include green, gold and silver.

The use of specific designs is often integrated into the artwork of Hindu wedding cards to express the religious views and beliefs of the couple and their families. Some popular designs and pictures used on the wedding cards include pictures of Hindu gods and goddesses, folded hands, candles and other significant religious symbols. These symbols are placed on the cards in an effort to seek specific blessings for the marrying couple.

Probably one of the most important decisions about the design of Hindu wedding invitations concerns the wording on the invitation. In addition to requesting the presence of the presence of the guests at the wedding ceremony and asking for blessings on the couple from the guests, the Hindu wedding invitation will also contain wording asking for specific blessings from the individual Hindu gods.

Many Hindu wedding cards are decorated with golden tassels and threads, stones, pearls and other ornamentation. The wedding card often serves as a reflection on the prestige of the wedding party and may be treated as an indication of the quality of the wedding festivities.

When it is time for you to choose the cards for your celebration, look for Hindu wedding cards of the finest quality. Your Hindu wedding cards can be complete with the important symbolism, colors and important wording that are important to you.


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